HypnozA Festival 5th Edition
17 al 20 de Enero 2019



Hypnoza Festival is a project that was created in 2009 by a group of travelers that after some time exploring, fell in love with an amazing paradise located in the heart of Latin America, Costa Rica. We collaborate with artists and friends all over the world, who are happy to share ideas and support the project. Therefore becoming a beautiful family, united for our love to music, art, nature and cultural exchange. Costa Rica is a very special location, full of high energies and constant transformation. A place of ever-changing natural scenes and climates. Full of life, movement, peace and positive vibe that flows through the air and the people of this beautiful land, added to our joy for trance music and culture, was our inspiration for creating this project. Our desire is to gather people from all over the world, as well as from the local scene, to enjoy and share what make us one worldwide family; Trance music, art, nature, peace and freedom. We welcome you all to an amazing experience, performing some of the best artists from all around the world and from the local scene. Breathtaking natural scenery, and the most beautiful vibe people from all around the globe. Pura Vida!