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What is Ticketopolis?

Ticketopolis is the online service, platform, software or system that helps you organize events more easily, quickly and efficiently. The platform can be accessed from any computer, laptop, tablet or cellphone using any recent browser connected to the internet. The service is obtained through the “Software as a Service” scheme, where the purpose is to receive a service that addresses your needs, and not the software as such. Check out our pricing, and start selling tickets today.

Can I download Ticketopolis?

No, Ticketopolis is a service that works in the cloud, fully managed, so you don't need to download the source code or software, or install it to use it. You don't have to worry either about maintaining the technical aspect, we take care of server maintenance and software updates, so every time you use Ticketopolis you will be able to enjoy the latest version. You can download your account information anytime you want, through the reports.


How is the commission fee handled?

The commission payment for authorized tickets is deducted from the income you obtain from the sale of tickets. The total income from the sales, minus our commission, will be transferred to you one week after the event takes place. In the case of natural persons in Mexico, a withholding percentage applies for the intermediation of digital platforms.

Do you offer email accounts?

We don't offer email accounts. Bulk messaging is done through Ticketopolis email accounts, which are for this use only. If you want to manage email accounts as a complement to your website, you can use or hire any third-party provider you prefer.

What happens to the information when the event ends?

All information is stored within the event. You can check it out or export it at any time. Ideally, you get the information that makes your operation more efficient, and leave it ready to create new events through our wizard using past events as a template.

What happens to the information if the account is no longer used?

We save the full content of your account for 2 years from the last time you logged in. This way, if you decide to come back, the account will be like the last day you worked on it. After that time, we cannot assure you that the content can be retrieved.

If you explicitly request that we delete all your information, we will not be able to retrieve it at any time.

Can I use Ticketopolis if my event is free?

Of course you do. Using a professional platform like Ticketopolis will surely give you better results. In this case no commission payment is made for offering your tickets.

Can I use Ticketopolis if I don't need to sell tickets?

Of course you do. Many event coordinators use it to keep track of all their events, and they don't sell tickets. No payment is required for the service, and in this case no fees will be paid for the sale of tickets.


What kind of events can be handled with Ticketopolis?

You can practically handle any kind of event. The list of the most common events can be found on this page. When you create your event, select the category that most resembles the event you want to organize, and finish setting it manually as you need.

How do I know if my event settings can be handled in Ticketopolis?

We invite you to create your event, select the type of event you want to organize and finish setting it manually as you need. We'll be glad to help if you are interested in hearing our recommendations while you're setting it, or if you have any questions in the process.

Can I change the event settings if I already have tickets sold?

Yes, you can update the event settings. Just remember that entries that were sold or generated prior to the modification, will appear with the original information.

How many events can I manage simultaneously?

You can manage all the events you want. Technically, there's no limit.


What do you mean by a private social network?

This is the easiest way to explain the collaboration and communication tools that are included in the platform. It is very similar to the way you use social networks, however we've a business approach, and you can be sure that all your information is private and shared only with your work team.

Can I use my to do list for a new event?

Yes, you can collect recurring activities in the organization of your events. This ensures that the activity is considered for new events, and makes them more efficient.


What is a Ticketopolis website?

It is an internet site within the domain of, which helps you complement your communication strategy, helping you to reach more prospects, inform about your event, clear doubts, and set up a box office for ticket sales or registration of participants. Among the advantages we can highlight are the ease to create it, adjust its design, capture information and upload files. You can also be sure that we take care of all the technical part related to server administration, security and necessary updates. By using cloud technology we can ensure you a website as fast as possible and available as possible.

What is the custom URL?

It is a custom path that abbreviates or represents the name of your event within the Ticketopolis domain. It shows the content of your website and the registration box office. It has the following format: "". For recurring events, we recommend using a custom URL with the name of your event without including the edition number, or a name that can be repeated in the future when talking about the same event. The idea is to take advantage of URL positioning for your future events, so participants will remember the address easier without creating confusion by changing with a different URL.

What kind of files can I upload to Ticketopolis website?

Images can be inserted inside the content, in JPG, GIF and PNG formats.

Can I upload videos, executable files or compressed files to Ticketopolis website?

At the moment videos can't be uploaded, however you can indicate links to YouTube videos, so that they are displayed directly on the website. For security reasons, you cannot upload executable or compressed files.

How often can I update the content of the Ticketopolis website?

Anytime, as many times as you need it. You can update the text content, images, or any other design element on the page. Please consider that changes can take up to 15 minutes to update because the information needs to be replicated to multiple servers located in different parts of the world.

Do I need any special software to edit the Ticketopolis website?

You don't require any special software. All necessary basic tools are included within the platform. If you want to apply more detail to your page through advanced design using images, the use of design software will probably help you get better results.

Do I need to hire hosting with another company?

No, cloud management is included in all our services, ensuring the best availability and speed on your website, administrative system and box office.

Can I use my own domain on Ticketopolis website?

At this time, you can't add external domains to your Ticketopolis website. In fact, we recommend the use of the full URL in your communication in order to generate greater confidence and transparency for your attendees.

You can insert the box office inside an external website. To do so, just copy a few lines of HTML code that we provide.

Can I edit the HTML or CSS of Ticketopolis website?

The content editor is prepared to give a consistent style across the entire page and thus it avoids the need to edit the HTML or CSS, ensuring that the design is harmonious on any device where it is viewed.

Can visitors statistics be tracked via google analytics or facebook pixel?

Yes, generate a Google Analytics account indicating the URL of your event. Once the tracking code has been generated, type it into Ticketopolis's website settings. With the facebook pixel we follow the same process. Once your pixel is created, you type its ID in the website settings in Ticketopolis.

Mass communication

Is there a limit on the number of emails that can be sent per campaign?

There is no limit, however, the platform calculates if it is advisable to wait longer between each campaign, according to your audience, type of campaign and frequency. You must avoid saturating your attendees.

Can I import the email addresses of my contacts?

For security and privacy of personal data, it's not allowed to import email addresses. Email campaigns may only be sent to attendees of previous or current events who have accepted our terms of service as well as our privacy notice.

How can I prevent that my emails are received as SPAM?

Ticketopolis is ready to identify before you send an email features that may classify it as spam; and it will show you recommendations with changes to be made to avoid being blocked.

Registry / Sell tickets

How many types of tickets can I create?

There is no limit, you can create as many as you need.

What can I customize for each type of ticket?

You can specify the name or title you want, its price, a description, the activities that are included, if it and admission ticket, what data you want to ask the attendee, the number of tickets available, the range of dates on which that ticket will be available, and whether it will be visible to the public (otherwise it can be viewed only by organizers or those who have a promotion code to buy it.)

Can I sell additional activities or items to the ticket?

Yes, the platform allows you to set up tickets that don't include admission, for the sale of promotional items, extra activities, etc. These types of additional tickets are available only to those who purchase an admission ticket to the event.

Can I buy multiple tickets on the same purchase order?

It depends on how the event was configured. You can sell only one ticket per purchase if you need the details of each attendee. Otherwise, several can be purchased in the same order and only the buyer's details are requested.

How can I track open purchase orders?

There is a section in the platform called "Direct messages" in which you can send messages to any buyer to clarify any doubts, whether from the attendees themselves or from the organizers.

Can I restrict the quota?

Yes. The event, ticket types and activities have the possibility to configure the available quantity so that they cannot be oversold.

What happens if the buyer doesn't receive the emails?

The platform detects if sent emails are not being received. If that is the case, within the same software, your attendees will be able to change their email account, in case there was any typing error. In addition, you as an organizer will have feedback of communication campaigns, so you will know if anyone had a problem receiving the mail (whether it's because of non-existent, bounced, or with complaints).

Can the same promotion code be used on multiple orders?

It depends on how it was created. There are unique codes where all buyers will use the same (ideal for promotions in mass media and social networks); and there are custom codes that can only be used once (ideal for promotions sent by email).

What do you mean by automating the tracking process?

That the platform will automatically send payment reminders, reservation authorization notices, etc. So you are free of all that administrative burden.

How does the attendees know that their registration process was successful?

They will receive a confirmation email. They will receive an email with their reservation details; and they will receive another one as soon as your payment is authorized, including as an attachment their admission ticket to the event.

Ticket payments

What payment methods can be handled at Ticketopolis?

Payments can be received through credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and cash at convenience stores.

Does Ticketopolis keep bank information of credit cards used to make payments?

No, Ticketopolis doesn't process or store credit card information when payments are made. For this purpose we rely on international payment gateways that meet the strictest security standards.

Can I offer tickets at no cost to attendees or with a voluntary contribution?

Yes, Ticketopolis is prepared to offer tickets at no cost or where the buyer indicates the amount of a voluntary contribution or donation. If the ticket is free, you do not pay commission to Ticketopolis.

Event management

Can Ticketopolis be used to register the attendees ourselves?

Yes, in addition to the box office on the public website of the event where any attendee can register, Ticketopolis offers you the tool where you can register attendees. Either in person in a stand or office (prior to the event or during the event), or by phone. It is most useful when receiving cash payments or when the target market prefers a personal contact.

Can I charge a higher fee when I offer telephone registration service?

Yes, you can register tickets with a higher amount that do not appear in the public box office and that can only be selected by administrators.

Is there a way to print certificates, credentials, badges or labels with attendees data?

Yes, in the platform there are documents with which you can easily print the stationery of the event.

Are barcode readers required?

No, however, it is recommended for larger events, because they allow an easy and fast entry of the data into the platform.

What kind of reports does the platform generates?

In the platform there are reports of:

Direct messages

What are the most common cases that can be followed up?

What are the advantages of keeping a communication log with my attendees?

The main advantage is that your team work can follow up the case, and they're aware of any agreements with the attendee.

How can I automate the sales or support tracking process?

The platform will automatically send payment reminders, reservation authorization notices, etc. So you are free of all that administrative burden.


What is the benefit of being hosted in the cloud?

It ensures that the service has the highest availability and speed, no matter how many visitors your site has or how many users use the platform. In short, it maximizes the stability of the site.

When do you update the Ticketopolis platform?

Ticketopolis is a platform that is constantly evolving, making adjustments and improvements every day. Thanks to cloud technology we can perform updates without disturbing the day-to-day use of the platform. In extraordinary or emergency cases, we might stop the service for a few minutes, however we will try not to affect the operation and to notify you when this is not possible.


Can I use Ticketopolis if I don't have internet?

No, to use Ticketopolis you must have an active internet connection without problems.

What kind of devices do you recommend for use?

Thanks to our programming technology, it can practically be used on any device that has a recent browser connected to the internet. We recommend using browsers that have automatic updates enabled.

Is there an app for iOS or Android?

At the moment we don't have any native application for iOS or Android, however Ticketopolis can be used entirety in both platforms through recent browsers connected to the internet.

Do I need to update the software frequently?

No, we take care of updating Ticketopolis, making this process transparent for you. What we do recommend is to use the latest version of your browser, as well as maintaining updated your operating system.

What browsers can I use?

Ticketopolis works on all major recent browsers; including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.


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