Automate and professionalize your event, improving quality and generating profits.
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Automate and professionalize your event

Save costs of delivering material and improve the quality of your event by knowing the preferences of your attendees.
Track attendance
Take control of attendance over the event in general, and per conference, visit, workshop, or any activity that requires it.
Control material's delivery
Register the delivery of materials such as certificates, badges, backpacks, and save costs by avoiding duplicate deliveries.
The information is yours
Download at any time the information that your attendees have decided to share with you and use it on other systems.
Make better decisions
Identify each purchase and its detail. Capture all kinds of communication with each attendee, and use it when making decisions.
Automate tracking
The platform automatically sends tracking emails according to the status of each reservation. Free up your operating time.
Answer any request
Serve your attendees in a timely manner no matter who has served them before. You can keep all conversations and activities within the platform.

Line-free control

Ticketopolis facilitates and controls access to your event with the integration of any barcode reader. You can detect any attempted fraud by scanning admission tickets.

Generate ready-to-print documents

With Ticketopolis, you can generate PDF documents to print certificates, badges, credentials and labels. Ticketopolis is responsible for keeping it always up-to-date and in the format you need.
  • You can use a design from our gallery, or your own design.
  • You can choose which data you want to display (only the attendee's name, or if you also want to include other data from the registry).
  • For label printing, the most common Avery templates are included.

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