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Increase your audience. Easily and quickly publish the website of your event.

No need to know about design or programming, Ticketopolis offers you all the necessary tools.
Customize your web address in Ticketopolis
Choose a memorable web address (URL), for example:, to show your event's box office. If you already have a website, integrate it through HTML code that is very easy to insert.
Customize the design and structure of your site in 3 simple steps
Save the fees of a professional designer and follow the recommendations of our virtual designer by simply uploading the logo of your event. And if you want, customize the colors, design and structure for your page.
Ready to use on cellphones and tablets
Our designs are ready to be seen in the most common browsers, virtually any type of device such as computers, tablets and cellphones.
Easily publish content
Publish content, upload photos, images, links, and videos from youtube. Do it from any compatible device, anywhere, anytime. It's as easy as sending an email.
Get maximum speed and availability
Stay calm knowing that we take care of the technical part. Your site will be available at the highest speed, no matter how many simultaneous users access it.
Your site on google, bing, yahoo, etc.
Receive visits from the most common search engines. Let them find you, the page generated by Ticketopolis is 100% compatible.

Promote long-term relationships with your audience

Transform closeness with your audience into greater involvement and sales, using our email campaign tool.
Easily generate campaigns to communicate:
  • Invitations
  • Promotions
  • Private tickets
  • Pre-sales
  • Announcements
  • Reminders
Strengthen your relationship with attendees even after the event
Stay in touch with your participants even if the event is over: take advantage of inviting them to related events, informing them about the new edition of the event, etc.
Optimize your advertising budget
If your event is limited, contact attendees from previous events and focus on generating repurchase, which is more effective and cost-effective than looking for new customers. Or, if you have no problem with the quota, take advantage of the resources and grow your event.
Secure better results
Filter attendees to send a message, depending on the purpose of your campaign. Receive feedback on the effectiveness of your emails, and make adjustments as needed.

Engage in conversations with your audience and strengthen your event and business reputation

Listen and engage with your audience more effectively using the social media content we provide.
Encourage attendees to promote your event
At the end of an attendees's registration, Ticketopolis invites them to publish about their attendance, on social networks of their choice, which extends the coverage of your audience.
Save time, using our content
Make publications for invitations, promotions, special tickets, pre-sales, announcements and reminders, and use them to get involved with your attendees, resolve doubts, make recommendations and get closer quickly and in a timely manner.

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